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The AAPG Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG) has selected a set of articles from previous editions of the Environmental Geosciences to introduce you to our journal and Division. DEG is comprised of AAPG members focused on applied environmental geology. The EG Journal publishes state-of-the-art applications and research projects and programs involving industry, government, and academic scientists from around the world. Once you read these articles we believe your next step would be to join our international group of environmental geoscientists. Add your voice and your expertise to our network!

Current Events and Opportunities:

May Newsletter

May 2014 Spheres of InfluenceApril was a wonderful month for the Division of Environmental Geosciences. The DEG sessions at the Annual Convention in Houston, both oral and poster, had excellent topics and speakers, and were very well attended. Our DEG luncheon was filled and our speaker was outstanding. DEG contributed to the Advisory Council meeting, and our audiovisual report to the House of Delegates received rave reviews! It was fun.

With the growing demand for cleanly produced and utilized oil and gas comes a growing role for the DEG. We have been asked to join with EMD in looking at the utilization and merger of alternative energy sources, particularly solar, coupled with the production cycle of oil and gas. We have talked with the DPA towards working together to help merge our efforts with similar efforts in our sister organizations to which many of us also belong. Our plans for a special topics meeting next year are proceeding well and many within AAPG, both nationally and internationally, are eagerly awaiting our draft whitepaper on hydraulic fracturing. What we do has immediate and visible relevance.

However, we have the opportunity to do much more. In this issue of Spheres please note that Kansas has set up a task force to explore the link between hydraulic fracturing and earthquakes and that some of the latest issues in fracturing are discussed.

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Slides from International Conference DEG Special Session

Title Slide - Temples, YoungTom Temples, DEG President, was one of four speakers at this special session sponsored by the DEG at the 2013 International Conference and Exhibition held in Cartagena, Colombia.

This presentation took a historical look at how the practice has evolved since its inception and will identify potential areas in Latin America and the rest of the world with the potential for shale resource plays and, therefore, the use of hydraulic fracturing technology. The sessopm outlined the new procedures used to protect workers as well as the environment.

Temples has given DEG the slides from this presentation for your review.

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Important Dates:

July 21-23 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
ASCE - Shale Energy Engineering Conference

September 25 | MediaCity UK, Manchester
Fracking North: Continuing the Debate on Hydraulic Fracturing for Gas

Novembeer 13-14 | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
NGWA Workshop – Groundwater Quality and Unconventional Gas Development: Is There a Connection?

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